Dead Genesis


A tiny FUNLAND ISLAND-entitled exhibition at the library of Suomenlinna, Helsinki.

Suomenlinnan kirjasto
Suomenlinna C 31

wed–thu 14–19.45, fri–sat 10–15


Tuomas Tiainen’s FUN∙LAND RE∙VISITED exhibition in Turun Sarjakuvakauppa from June 7th until June 30th.

Opening/Vernissage on June 7th 17–19. Welcome!

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“FUN∙LAND RE∙VISITED digs deeper in the fun fair world of last November’s FUN∙LAND installation in Galleria Ruutu. The lurking sinister finds even more bone-chilling forms in a place that should represent uninhibited joy and where one’s purest needs should be fulfilled. What lies in the black of the shadows?

Real-Life FUN•LAND

Tuomas Tiainen’s FUN•LAND installation is open 24/7 during 1.–28. of November at Helsinki Comics Center‘s Galleria Ruutu (Hämeentie 150, Helsinki, Finland). Note: UV light, different layers to create a 3D effect, white and black paint.

“The FUN·LAND installation is a view to the black world of Tuomas Tiainen’s debut comic book Man with the Dog. The work represents an amusement park hidden inside its walls and located on the outskirts of the city.”

Scenes from Man with the Dog

Fellow colleagues, distinguished members of humankind: do find below some selected examples from Man with the Dog, the blackest-and-whitest of this fall’s releases. We here at Dead Genesis tend to think that some of the finest things in life are without colors!

Dead Genesis introduces itself with “Man with the Dog”!

Fellow people and citizens of the Earth: It is now officially on! Dead Genesis, an independent publisher of comics of the alternative kind from Helsinki, Finland, proudly presents its first ever release, Man with the Dog by Tuomas Tiainen. 134 pages of black-and-white bleakness. Dear sirs and ma’ams, we at the DG headquarters are ready to take your orders!

To order Man with the Dog, send email to: info (ä) The price of the book is 12 € (+ P&P).

Tuomas Tiainen: Man with the Dog
(Dead Genesis 2012)
134 pages // black-and-white // in English
ISBN 978-952-67792-0-1

A man wakes up to a new morning perspiring and shouting. Ahead is yet another suffocating day at the factory, and while the forecast promises beautiful weather, there’s something sinister to be seen in the corner of the eye. Man with the Dog is an almost silent story about a man whose loneliness is shattered by an unexpected companion beyond mind and matter. But is this friendship better than being alone? Tuomas Tiainen’s debut comic book is a bleak, graphic work, where there is no grey whatsoever between black and white.