Dead Genesis

New stuff for fall 2017

Dead Genesis will release three four items in fall 2017. With Manet’s Diner, Belge–Serbian Jana Vasiljević‘s comic about endless, caffeine-powered discussions, Dead Genesis leaps from Finnish comics in to the international. In addition to Manet’s Diner, a new release in the ongoing Dead Genesis Split Series will be released. The fourth comic book of the series features Aino Sutinen and Emmi Valve. Dead Genesis will also release Vitsauksia, a collection of the elder statesman Keijo Synkkäniemi‘s utterly dark yet funny one-pagers previously seen on various free local newspapers during the 1990′s. Vitsauksia is a joint-effort with Nälkämaan kirkkoapu, an organization aiding the poor and preserving local church history. Also, we have Tuomas Tiainen‘s El Pasante, an informational release concerning Pertti “Spede” Pasanen’s –a Finnish film director and producer, comedian, humorist, inventor, TV personality and practitioner of gags– sporty competition show Speden spelit and its most memorable episodes. Hooo-boy.

All releases will be available in September 2017.

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ISBN 978-952-67792-7-0 // DG-013
32 pages // 170 x 240 mm
Four-color // soft-cover // prefect binding
in Finnish // translation: Tuomas Tiainen
8 €

“How can someone listen to all those people every day? In Manet’s Diner, our waitress’s submitted to hearing out dead-end conversations, with an added touch of caffeine rush. You’ll need a break after reading this comic.”

Jana Vasiljević (b. 1990) is an artist based in Gent, Belgium. She writes and paints about war, love, football (about which she knows nothing), computer games and iconography, 90s pop culture, talking heads, human nature and dubious scientific theories. She is good at rants, drinking and rational thinking, and couldn’t do without her studio, bad puns, sleep, and men in drag. Vasiljević is a founding member of the Tieten Met Haar art collective.

ISBN 978-952-67792-6-3 // DG-012
32 pages // Black-and-white // In Finnish (with translation in English)
Soft-cover // 160 x 240 mm
5 €

The fourth part of the Dead Genesis Split Series features Aino Sutinen and Emmi Valve.

Aino Sutinen (b. 1983) tells us three ditties about dating, starring Ms. Mandarin and men. Fabio, yesteryear’s poster boy, has nothing but air running in his veins. Correspondence turns out to be real hard. And what’s on Chatbot-Pete’s mind after all?

Emmi Valve’s (b. 1984) “Vieras” (“The Visitor”) is part of her Girl Gang Bang Bang series about a few independent people living on the outskirts of the town. The story begings on a stormy night, with a knock on the door. The appearance of an unexpected visitor affects all individuals of the gang, each in a different way.


28 pages // 125 x 176 mm
Published by: Dead Genesis ja Nälkämaan kirkkoapu ry
Black-and-white / soft-cover
in Finnish
4 €

Vitsauksia is a collection of Keijo Synkkäniemi‘s dark but humorous comics. Each one-pager introduces one or more characters whose life expectancy is not that great. We meet, for example, Andrew Andrews who went in to the forbidden room and never returned. Walton Moorhouse, on the other hand, caught plague and died. And poor Henry Swartz had a fit of rage and was tied down. In Synkkäniemi’s world the only thing certain is the inevitable end. Some half of the material featured in this collection has been published in the 1990′s in various local free newspapers.

Keijo Synkkäniemi (b. 1935) is a self-published writer and historian from Laukaa, Central Finland. He lives and works in Rovaniemi.

Vitsauksia is published by Dead Genesis and Nälkämaan kirkkoapu. Dead Genesis is small-print publisher established in 2012. Nälkämaan kirkkoapu is an evangelical association specializing in providing aid and maintaining church heritage. Nälkämaan kirkkoapu has been active in Ristijärvi, Kainuu since 1951.

?? pages // ca. 148 x 210 mm
in Spedeish
? €

An informational release concerning Pertti “Spede” Pasanen’s sporty competition show Speden spelit and its most memorable episodes. Spede was a Finnish film director and producer, comedian, humorist, inventor, TV personality and practitioner of gags. For he died mere four days before 9/11, the Finnish people have not, understandably, been able to deal with the enormous loss that would have shattered the nation had there been time to grief.