Dead Genesis

New Releases!

This just in: We have two (2) new DEAD GENESIS releases!

DG-02 is a t-shirt “Stay Puft”, a white, ecological Earth Positive brand shirt with silk screen-printed image by Tuomas Tiainen. The red is BRIGHT, let me tell ya! A very limited batch, limited sizes, so order fast! 20 €, this.

DG-03 is a xeroxed comics zine “Torrefatsioone Korrelatsioone” featuring three wacky stories by Tuomas Tiainen. Includes anarchy, carnal love, slime, weird creatures, post-apocalyptic crust punks, and general mayhem. Also limited edition, act fast! Assorted cover colors. 44 pages, 3 €.

Orders by email: info (ä)

EDIT: L and ladyfit S”Stay Puft” sizes left and the Finnish language zine is sold out. There’s a few copies left of the English language version of Torre available, however. Get ‘em while the stock lasts!