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Introducing the Dead Genesis Split Series

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Dead Genesis is utterly proud to present the DEAD GENESIS SPLIT SERIES! As the name suggests, each issue (Yes, it’s a series!) features two stories by individual artists. That is 32 pages – or 2 x 16 pages, to be precise – of merry mayhem for your pleasure/disgust wrapped in two-colored cardboard covers. What fun!

Dead Genesis Split Series #1: Mosdal & Nissinen features two mind-tingling narratives about one of the finer things in life, that is, food. Søren Mosdal and Jacob Ørsted present the good old dynamic duo of Freddy & The Professor venturing into the wacky world of fine-dining. It’s a twelve-course Special Menu in “El Caca Divino” – with complimentary wines! Jyrki Nissinen combines teen angst with goth chic showing what happens when two supposedly well-known comic characters are dating and run their own restaurant business. Not a thing is unexpected!