Dead Genesis


Tuomas Tiainen: Hani


Cultural Centre Valve
Hallituskatu 7, Oulu
Open daily between 10–20

When working on a graphic novel, a comic artist lives in a close, nearly symbiotic relationship with their characters. The artist reveals the characters’ personalities and history slowly, peeling off layers bit by bit. In the time the characters become familiar, their actions logical and their train of thought feels right. They are born.

I’ve been living with this woman in the picture since November 2013. I don’t know her name, only some scattered facts. She works in an office. Sings in a church choir. I think religion is important to her. A cross hangs around her neck. There is another cross in a frame hanging on the wall beside her bed. She is alone.

This is what I know for sure. But there are also questions and assumptions that I’m not able to confirm. The greatest mystery is her questioning gaze: You created me, do something precious with my life.

I’m trying. This exhibition is for you, nameless woman in the picture. I want to get to know you. Who are you? What is it that you do? What are your thoughts, what do you feel?

The exhibition Hani is based on Tuomas Tiainen’s graphic novel Jenny Haniver, which will be published in spring. This silent graphic novel follows the darkly, absurdly swirling destinies of four characters in a metropolis that drowns its individuals within masses. One of these characters is the protagonist of this exhibition – the nameless woman who sings in a church choir.

Tuomas Tiainen (b. 1980) is a Helsinki-based comic artist, critic and small press publisher. Jenny Haniver is his second graphic novel. Tiainen’s underground-inspired works have also been published in anthologies and zines.

The artist wants to thank: Finnish Comics Professionals, Finnish Cultural Foundation, HIAP ry, City of Helsinki Cultural Office

Exhibition opening on Wednesday 25.3.2015 at 18:00