Dead Genesis

EL PASANTE appears


282 pages // Full–colour // In Spedeish
Soft-cover // 105 x 148 mm
4 €

Ok, so!

It’s been quiet – a lotta gwaan, seen, water under bridges? Sipple out deh, yes? True all dat. But. Well! Do we here at the Dead Genesis HQ have a special treat for you! Oh we do! And this one’s something very special indeed; a 28-pager done by the head honcho of this very label, the one Tuomas Tiainen, he who watches High Fidelity once a year and tries to find out “what does it all mean”. He’ll never find the answer to that question; instead, he’s found answers to the question “what does Spede mean?” Spede, as Wikipedia informs us, “was a Finnish film director and producer, comedian, humorist, inventor, TV personality and practitioner of gags”, and you all surely know that. But! He also had a TV game show for 112442 years, a boring-as-hell shit of a program that you just watched because there was — nothing — else — on. So here it is, a more-than-thorough EP GUIDE to Spede’s game show! Get it, only 40 copies printed!