Dead Genesis

Dead Genesis Split Series #5 – Eronen <3 Rönkkö

ISBN 978-952-67792-8-7 // DG-014
32 pages // Black-and-white // In Finnish (with translation in English)
Soft-cover // 160 x 240 mm
5 €

The solitary, or should one say, sole, publication for this Fall is the fifth installment of the Dead Genesis Split Series. The latest # features Roope Eronen and Heikki Rönkkö. Roope is an old dog in the comics scene, a person who never fails to deliver. Heikki is a relative newcomer in the comics scene who sometimes fails to deliver. Nevertheless, the # kicks arse.

Roope Eronen (b. 1982) introduces Melissa from Helsinki. Melissa is a punk, a tramp, and a hobo but first and foremost an android. And a thief. Melissa does indeed end up in prison, where only a soulmate can save her. Tough shit! – The battery is running out and there is no charger about. What to do? This funny and touching scifi-comic deals about individual rights, duties, and freedoms, not forgetting friendship.

Heikki Rönkkö’s (b. 1983) A:nor Castle is an existentialist adventure game in the spirit of Kafka and Super Mario. A puny anonymous main character, “You”, advances troublesomely in a vast landscape that resembles both the everyday and a sadistic platfomer facing complex tasks and fierce opponents. Is the predestination arbitrary, even impossible? Why pursuing it cannot be halted? Is there any space in the world for others than assistants and foes? Could there not be some other content in life than constant progress? What is it so important in the castle? And who’s that asking all these questions, anyway?