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EL PASANTE appears


282 pages // Full–colour // In Spedeish
Soft-cover // 105 x 148 mm
4 €

Ok, so!

It’s been quiet – a lotta gwaan, seen, water under bridges? Sipple out deh, yes? True all dat. But. Well! Do we here at the Dead Genesis HQ have a special treat for you! Oh we do! And this one’s something very special indeed; a 28-pager done by the head honcho of this very label, the one Tuomas Tiainen, he who watches High Fidelity once a year and tries to find out “what does it all mean”. He’ll never find the answer to that question; instead, he’s found answers to the question “what does Spede mean?” Spede, as Wikipedia informs us, “was a Finnish film director and producer, comedian, humorist, inventor, TV personality and practitioner of gags”, and you all surely know that. But! He also had a TV game show for 112442 years, a boring-as-hell shit of a program that you just watched because there was — nothing — else — on. So here it is, a more-than-thorough EP GUIDE to Spede’s game show! Get it, only 40 copies printed!

Manet, Split #4 Reviewed

Supporting the Finnish Post pays off, ie. below, do skim a review for Aino Sutinen’s & Emmi Valve’s Split #4 and two for Jana Vasiljević’s Manet’s Diner. (Comics) criticism is humbly appreciated in the DG Headquarters.

Both titles still available. To order, send email to info [ää]

Note: Reviews in Finnish. For a psychedelic alt-truth language experience, use Google Translate or similar.


New stuff for fall 2017

Dead Genesis will release three four items in fall 2017. With Manet’s Diner, Belge–Serbian Jana Vasiljević‘s comic about endless, caffeine-powered discussions, Dead Genesis leaps from Finnish comics in to the international. In addition to Manet’s Diner, a new release in the ongoing Dead Genesis Split Series will be released. The fourth comic book of the series features Aino Sutinen and Emmi Valve. Dead Genesis will also release Vitsauksia, a collection of the elder statesman Keijo Synkkäniemi‘s utterly dark yet funny one-pagers previously seen on various free local newspapers during the 1990′s. Vitsauksia is a joint-effort with Nälkämaan kirkkoapu, an organization aiding the poor and preserving local church history. Also, we have Tuomas Tiainen‘s El Pasante, an informational release concerning Pertti “Spede” Pasanen’s –a Finnish film director and producer, comedian, humorist, inventor, TV personality and practitioner of gags– sporty competition show Speden spelit and its most memorable episodes. Hooo-boy.

All releases will be available in September 2017.

** ORDERS: info (A)

ISBN 978-952-67792-7-0 // DG-013
32 pages // 170 x 240 mm
Four-color // soft-cover // prefect binding
in Finnish // translation: Tuomas Tiainen
8 €

“How can someone listen to all those people every day? In Manet’s Diner, our waitress’s submitted to hearing out dead-end conversations, with an added touch of caffeine rush. You’ll need a break after reading this comic.”

Jana Vasiljević (b. 1990) is an artist based in Gent, Belgium. She writes and paints about war, love, football (about which she knows nothing), computer games and iconography, 90s pop culture, talking heads, human nature and dubious scientific theories. She is good at rants, drinking and rational thinking, and couldn’t do without her studio, bad puns, sleep, and men in drag. Vasiljević is a founding member of the Tieten Met Haar art collective.

ISBN 978-952-67792-6-3 // DG-012
32 pages // Black-and-white // In Finnish (with translation in English)
Soft-cover // 160 x 240 mm
5 €

The fourth part of the Dead Genesis Split Series features Aino Sutinen and Emmi Valve.

Aino Sutinen (b. 1983) tells us three ditties about dating, starring Ms. Mandarin and men. Fabio, yesteryear’s poster boy, has nothing but air running in his veins. Correspondence turns out to be real hard. And what’s on Chatbot-Pete’s mind after all?

Emmi Valve’s (b. 1984) “Vieras” (“The Visitor”) is part of her Girl Gang Bang Bang series about a few independent people living on the outskirts of the town. The story begings on a stormy night, with a knock on the door. The appearance of an unexpected visitor affects all individuals of the gang, each in a different way.


28 pages // 125 x 176 mm
Published by: Dead Genesis ja Nälkämaan kirkkoapu ry
Black-and-white / soft-cover
in Finnish
4 €

Vitsauksia is a collection of Keijo Synkkäniemi‘s dark but humorous comics. Each one-pager introduces one or more characters whose life expectancy is not that great. We meet, for example, Andrew Andrews who went in to the forbidden room and never returned. Walton Moorhouse, on the other hand, caught plague and died. And poor Henry Swartz had a fit of rage and was tied down. In Synkkäniemi’s world the only thing certain is the inevitable end. Some half of the material featured in this collection has been published in the 1990′s in various local free newspapers.

Keijo Synkkäniemi (b. 1935) is a self-published writer and historian from Laukaa, Central Finland. He lives and works in Rovaniemi.

Vitsauksia is published by Dead Genesis and Nälkämaan kirkkoapu. Dead Genesis is small-print publisher established in 2012. Nälkämaan kirkkoapu is an evangelical association specializing in providing aid and maintaining church heritage. Nälkämaan kirkkoapu has been active in Ristijärvi, Kainuu since 1951.

?? pages // ca. 148 x 210 mm
in Spedeish
? €

An informational release concerning Pertti “Spede” Pasanen’s sporty competition show Speden spelit and its most memorable episodes. Spede was a Finnish film director and producer, comedian, humorist, inventor, TV personality and practitioner of gags. For he died mere four days before 9/11, the Finnish people have not, understandably, been able to deal with the enormous loss that would have shattered the nation had there been time to grief.

Double Trouble Art Attack

A-hem. Is this thing on? Ok. A-hem. Here at the Dead Genesis headquarters we are utterly proud to announce this fall’s publications. First, we have the third installment of the ongoing Dead Genesis Split Series, called Dead Genesis Split Series #3, which will this time feature monsieurs Sami Aho and Reijo Kärkkäinen. No need to repeat the names to tell you, ma’ms and sirs, that this will be  a w e s o m e and most likely quite artsy as well (and yes that’s a good thing). Second, we have Mr. General-knowledge-is-totally-fucking-underrated-and-should-be-a-olympic-sport-and-I-would-nail-it Tuomas Tiainen, whose Kliida Klaada Kluuda is nothing but images of his shiny collage pieces from this and last year. Another winner, yes? The details of the aforementioned publications for the anal-minded are:

ISBN 978-952-67792-4-9 // DG-011
34 pages // Black-and-white // In Finnish (with English translations)
Soft-cover // 160 x 240 mm
5 €

Sami Aho presents “Maalari maalaa taloa” (“A Painter Paints a House”), a wonderfully weird yet gripping glimpse of a master at work. This beautiful 16-pager shouts the questions out loud but does so in total silence: Who is painting and what is being painted – and, more importantly, why? Are we, collectively, responsible for things we possibly arent’ as individuals? Nevertheless, before painting the house, the house must be built.

Reijo Kärkkäinen seems to ask even more with “Varikko” (“Pit Stop”). If Jesus built one’s hot rod, did he also build a proper pit stop? Who is knocking on the door begging to get in? Kärkkäinen doesn’t offer proper answers but challenges the readers to formulate their own interpretations based on what seems to be a loose collection of random fragments. Fun? Perhaps. Challenging? You bet. Rewarding? Hell yes.



ISBN 978-952-67792-5-6 // DG-012
36 pages // in color
Soft-cover // 148 x 210 mm
7 €

EEEE…. What mind?
- too many fingers on a hand
- the physical principles of Ghostbusters’ man-portable particle accelerator system AND the differences between the characters of the movie and the comic
- measuring everything, I mean, like, everything

Kliida Klaada Kluuda features Tuomas Tiainen’s recent art works. Every single square millimetre of this average-sized art booklet is filled with color, sparkle, and an invasion of recurring shapes and characters that include, for example, hands with unusual number of digits. Words are uttered every now and then, very important words even, but to dive in head-first, reading is not compulsory. The world is filled with everything and yes we are doomed, so why worry about such abstracts as “meaning” or “truth”?

Jenny & Marty

OK, go! To celebrate 2016, Dead Genesis has just released two brand new heavyweight comix items: Jenny Haniver and Marty Mars. Total of 240 pages of pictorial pleasure and narrative nausea. Jenny’s 196 pages in bleaky-bleaky black and white, Marty’s 44 in full-color laser extravaganza. Hard covers, soft covers! Perfect binding, almost-perfect stitching! And not a friggin’ word, not one (except in the title and info pages, mind you). One three years (at least) in the making (guess which one), the other some three weeks. Get ‘em.

196 pages / 210 x 210 mm
Black and white, hard covers, perfect binding

25 €

The houseboat of a seafood-loving dentist hides a secret. A religious woman working in an office would like to be a choir conductor. A night guard of a department store takes care of her disabled little brother. A cultured cleaner brews tea in the cleaner’s cupboard. Everything is set in a gigantic city, its lights and shadows. The metropolis suffocates the little ones with its mass.

Jenny Haniver, a silent comic in black-and-white, is about powers greater than the individual. The unnamed characters seem to drift along even though their decisions seem concious. There is no great plan, just a series of events. Do you have to dance? Yes. No. Have to walk, though.


44 pages // full-color extravaganza! // silent-as-fuck
softy-softy // LAZER print! // 140 x 105 mm

5 €

Marty Mars goes to Darklands (scenes from an animated film).

New Comics for the Fall!

Dead Genesis will release two new items this Fall. The first one, Dead Genesis Split Series #2, brings together Marko Latva-Nikkola and Ville Vuorenmaa. The second, Eeva Meltio’s Saari, is a grim fable from a rising star.

ISBN 978-952-67792-3-2 // DG-007
34 pages // Black-and-white // In Finnish (with English translations)
Soft-cover // 160 x 240 mm
5 €

In Dead Genesis Split Series #2, we dive into the human mind – and beyond!

Marko Latva-Nikkola offers a fair share of pitch black horror in his story “Yövieraat” (The Night Guests). A man rents a flat without reading the small print on the contract. The tenant must, the paper says, “hand over the apartment for night guests during the housing company’s parties”. And the guests do arrive, each night. But why did all the ducks disappear from the park? Was it because of the swans?

Ville Vuorenmaa’s “Hyllyt kaatuu” (Shelves Fall Down) is a delicate, poetic story about a girl with too many thoughts in her head. A pencil sharpener rips a hole in a painting. In TV, Miss Marple is trying to learn Finnish. The ultimate question is yet to be answered: Jesus, yoga, or Joy Division?



ISBN 978-952-67792-2-5 // DG-oo8
44 pages // Black-and-white // In Finnish (with English translations)
Soft-cover // 105 x 148 mm
5 €

Eeva Meltio’s Saari is a fable from the darker side. A child in his mother’s womb refuses to come out, even though he is told how beautiful it is out there. Everything would, he says, just dissappoint. A crow, frustrated in the situation, threatens to peck him out. Maybe the fear of losing an eye or two will encourage the brat to face the world.

Introducing the Dead Genesis Split Series

Reviews:, Sarjainfo

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5 € (to Finland)
6 € (elsewhere)

No postage! \0/

Dead Genesis is utterly proud to present the DEAD GENESIS SPLIT SERIES! As the name suggests, each issue (Yes, it’s a series!) features two stories by individual artists. That is 32 pages – or 2 x 16 pages, to be precise – of merry mayhem for your pleasure/disgust wrapped in two-colored cardboard covers. What fun!

Dead Genesis Split Series #1: Mosdal & Nissinen features two mind-tingling narratives about one of the finer things in life, that is, food. Søren Mosdal and Jacob Ørsted present the good old dynamic duo of Freddy & The Professor venturing into the wacky world of fine-dining. It’s a twelve-course Special Menu in “El Caca Divino” – with complimentary wines! Jyrki Nissinen combines teen angst with goth chic showing what happens when two supposedly well-known comic characters are dating and run their own restaurant business. Not a thing is unexpected!




Scenes from Man with the Dog

Fellow colleagues, distinguished members of humankind: do find below some selected examples from Man with the Dog, the blackest-and-whitest of this fall’s releases. We here at Dead Genesis tend to think that some of the finest things in life are without colors!

Dead Genesis introduces itself with “Man with the Dog”!

Fellow people and citizens of the Earth: It is now officially on! Dead Genesis, an independent publisher of comics of the alternative kind from Helsinki, Finland, proudly presents its first ever release, Man with the Dog by Tuomas Tiainen. 134 pages of black-and-white bleakness. Dear sirs and ma’ams, we at the DG headquarters are ready to take your orders!

To order Man with the Dog, send email to: info (ä) The price of the book is 12 € (+ P&P).

Tuomas Tiainen: Man with the Dog
(Dead Genesis 2012)
134 pages // black-and-white // in English
ISBN 978-952-67792-0-1

A man wakes up to a new morning perspiring and shouting. Ahead is yet another suffocating day at the factory, and while the forecast promises beautiful weather, there’s something sinister to be seen in the corner of the eye. Man with the Dog is an almost silent story about a man whose loneliness is shattered by an unexpected companion beyond mind and matter. But is this friendship better than being alone? Tuomas Tiainen’s debut comic book is a bleak, graphic work, where there is no grey whatsoever between black and white.